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Funding Requests
The Stanwood Camano Rotary Club provides more than $40,000 in service projects each year. Part of our mission is to assist other organizations in supporting our community. To this end the club operates a small grant program to support others in our common cause. Use the link below to download our application form.
Funding Request Policies

The Stanwood/Camano Island Rotary Club is interested in providing support for numerous worthy projects at the local, state, national and international levels. To provide the most appropriate use of those funds, it is necessary for applicants to complete the attached form and to qualify for funding through the review process.

Note that the application form is brief and serves as an introduction of the request to be considered by the Rotary membership. The next step would be a personal meeting with selected members of the club to discuss the proposal in more detail and to determine if the proposed project meets criteria for consideration.

As with all funding organizations, our resources are limited. Thus, there are some guidelines that are well to keep in mind when considering whether to apply to the Stanwood/Camano Rotary for consideration.

There are certain exclusions that are exercised. The exclusions include but are not restricted to the following:


  • Personal travel/expenses to attend an event or to undertake a form of study is not supported. The exception to this policy is Rotary sponsored student exchange programs. We are more oriented toward projects such as building facilities for needy persons or populations; providing clothing for underprivileged individuals or families; etc.
  • Narrowly confined political or religious activity participation does not fall under the purview of this organization. For e.g. we cannot support a person's travel to a political rally or religious gathering. The Rotary Club and Rotary International are non-denominational entities that, as an organization, cannot and does not identify with a particular sect, religion or orientation.
  • We cannot respond to requests for debt reduction or debt service expenses.
  • Retroactive funding is not appropriate for our funding procedures. Our funding must be in advance of a project or activity rather than after the activity has occurred should financial support may be needed to cover over spent budgets.
  • We do not sponsor political campaigns and will not contribute to campaign coffers.

    It is recommended that a discussion with one of the members of the Stanwood/Camano Island Rotary Club be initiated before commencing the application process. The member can give some guidance on the feasibility of the proposal and the likelihood that the club can respond favorably to the request.

Click here to download a form that you will print and fill out by hand.


Click here to download a form that you will complete on your computer and print when completed.